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Two Arrested at Twin River Casino for Cheating at Craps

Two people were arrested at the Twin River Casino on charges of cheating at the game tables. Robert Rosario, 39, was one of the persons arrested on Tuesday after he was seen placing four bets at the craps tables after the dice already determined the outcome. He was spotted through the use of the casinos surveillance system. The winning totals were for less than $100.

Aissa Alidrissi, 42, was also arrested on Friday for similar charges involving the roulette table. Just as with the other arrest, placing bets after the win was determined was suspected. The winnings came to less than $50.

It was later learned that there was an immigration detainer issued for Robert Rosario by immigration officials. Rosario had shown a false ID to the detectives when prompted for his name. This has led to a second charge in which Rosario will also face charges of identity fraud, obstruction of a police officer, and making false statements to obtain a fraudulent license.

Judge Joseph T. Houlihan ordered Rosario to be held on the immigration retainer, and also issued a no-contact order which bars him from entering the casino.

Casinos use state of the art video surveillance in order to protect the interest of both the casino and the other players. While dealers are well trained and provided with a lot of education on what to look for; sometimes it takes that ‘eye in the sky’ to spot the cheaters.

The craps tables are amongst the most popular table games in the casinos and this makes them a target for many would-be cheaters. They get an added ‘sense of security’ from being mixed in with the crowd. However, casino surveillance has come a long way with regards to helping casinos spot the cheaters.

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