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Most Popular Online Table Games

Most popular online games

Technology has afforded us many things, making our lives more comfortable and generally better! And let’s face it, it’s certainly not disappointed us in the realm of entertainment! With the inception of online casino back in the 1990s, who can deny the fun-factor the variety of games bring? So let’s take a look at but a handful of the types of games available.


Blackjack has always been one of the most popular games played at casinos and nothing has changed, except that you can now play it in the comfort of you own home. Players are up against the dealer in a race to see who has the strongest hand. Your main aim is to get a value as close as possible to 21 and because of the different betting options such as double split and surrender, blackjack is undoubtedly one of the most exciting games you can play at an online casino.

After you’ve placed your bet, the cards are dealt. Both the player and the dealer will be dealt two cards but the player’s cards are dealt face up while the dealer will be dealt one card face up and one card face down. You want to get a score that’s higher than the dealer’s score bearing in mind that if you go over 21, you lose.

Card Values

2 – 10 are worth face value

Royals are worth 10

An Ace is worth 1 or 11, you decide

You’ll either win if you get a higher score than the dealer, or if the dealer busts while your score is less than 22.

American Roulette

There’s something about roulette that creates immense excitement. The game that’s referred to as ‘King of Casino Games’ allows you to place bets on either a number or a colour. The dealer will then drop a ball in the spinning wheel and when the wheels stops spinning, the ball will fall into a slot. If it’s the number you placed your bet on, you win big. The game has many different betting options so any player with any budget and knowledge is able to enjoy all the thrills that roulette has to offer.

Bet types and payouts

Red 1:1

Black 1:1

Odd 1:1

Even 1:1

1 – 18 1:1

19 – 36 1:1

1 – 12 2:1

13 – 24 2:1

25 – 36 2:1

Any one number 35:1

Two number combination 17:1

Three number combination 11:1

Four number combination 8:1

Six number combination 5:1

0, 1, 2, 3 combination 8:1


Baccarat is an age-old game that was played by aristocrats and kings before Mr. James Bond made it famous. Contrary to popular belief, baccarat is a simple game that’s based on pure luck, which means that no skill is required.

Both France and Italy claim to have invented the game that’s based on a mythical tale about a virgin that had to throw a nine sided die that would determine her fate. If she threw 8 or 9 she’d become a priestess. If she threw 6 or 7 she’d be allowed to live but wouldn’t be allowed to take part in any religious ceremonies. And, if she threw less than 6 she’d be banished to sea to drown.

Now, although you won’t be banished to sea to drown, you’ll still lose the game if you get lower than 6, so the basics of the game are still the same.

You place your bets on whom you think is going to win the game, the banker, the player or a tie. The house edge of baccarat is also very low and odds of the banker and the player winning are almost equal so it is advisable to never bet on a tie.

Whoever has a score closest to 9 wins the game.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em has become the face of poker in recent years. In 2003, Chris Moneymaker won the Word Series of Poker Main Event after he qualified through a $40 buy-in tournament on a poker site. He turned his $40 investment into an incredible $2.5 million and also walked away with the much sought after title.

This single event led to the poker boom because players realised that there was serious money to be made. And, while there are many different variations of the respected game, Texas Hold’em remains the most popular.

The game consists of four betting rounds. After the first bets are placed all players are dealt two cards face down. These cards are referred to as hole cards and are the player’s cards exclusively. Then another betting round takes place. The three community cards are dealt (the flop), face up and a betting round follows. All players at the table can use the community cards.

Then the fourth community card is dealt (the turn), followed by another round of betting which is followed by the final community card (the river), and a final round of betting.

Players need to make their best hand using one or two hole cards and three or four community cards.


Craps is one of the most exciting games played at casinos because of its many betting options. Like baccarat, players bet on the outcome of the game that consists of rolling a pair of dice. You don’t need to know all the betting options in craps so it’s advisable to stick to basics when get started.

All players take turns to roll the dice but you can win or lose whether you’re rolling the dice or not. You can also choose to not roll the dice so if it is your turn you can just pass it on to someone else. If you throw 7 or 11 you win and if you 2, 3 or 12 you lose.

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