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Craps Tournaments

There are many types of Craps Tournaments that you can play in both online and offline craps.  In my opinion these are better than normal craps games because skilled players have a better chance of making money.

In Craps tournaments, all players buy into the event for a certain amount and everyone receives the same amount of chips.  At the end of the tournament (e.g. 1 hour after starting) the players’ chips are counted and the winner is announced. The prizes are paid according to the payout structure; usually these are top heavy rewarding the top 3 players more than 50% of the prizepool.  Most craps tournaments are free to enter, although sometimes there is an entry fee ranging from $1 – $200.

Some online casinos will also run Craps tournaments as part of a series of promotions.  These are great for advanced players and beginners alike.  The advanced players take solace knowing they can win by their superior knowledge of the game, and by making more optimal bets such as the Free Odds.  The beginners, on the other hand, get a chance to learn and experience the game for free without costing them anything. Best online casino for playing Craps Tournaments is Miami Club

Craps Tournament Strategy

The winner of the Craps tournament is the person who finishes with the most chips.  Normally there’s a specific time period for the tournament, which can be set to either 1 hour or 100 bets (or something else).

The most important rule for playing well in online Craps tournaments is to check what other players are doing.  Similar to a poker tournament, you must base your playing style on your opponents’ and their chip stacks.  For example, if there is a player with 50,000 chips and you only have 10,000 then you have to increase your chip stack quickly.  You’ll have double or take massive risks on large payout bets – this is also known as aggressive strategy.


Aggressive players stick favour high odds bets such as Proposition, Field Bets and High Bets.  They will risk a high proportion of their chips on less bets.  For example, during the final stage of a tournament a small stack player might shove all-in on Snake Eyes or other Single Role bets.  These can pay up to 30:1, meaning a player on 5,000 chips can climb to 150,000 and take the lead with ease.  The downside to an aggressive strategy is that you’ll lose a lot in the long term.  However, given that tournaments have a short time limit the variance is in your favour.

Conservative players will stick to safe bets and optimise bankroll management.  The most optimal bets (where the house edge is minimal) includes Pass Line/Don’t Pass Bets and Free Odd/Lay the Odds Bets which can be reduced to a 0% house advantage.  The Upside to these bets is that you will lose less (possibly win) in the long term.  The downside however is that by reducing the house edge percentage you also reduce your own payouts.  For example, a Pass Line Bet pays 1:1 as opposed to a Horn Bet which pays out 3:1.

Your typical conservative player will be in the lead and won’t want to slip.  Personally I also prefer playing conservatively and insuring my losses with lots of Free Odds Bets.  At the end of the day, most craps tournaments are full of very weak players who run out of chips quickly.  By playing it safe, you have a higher chance of winning a Craps tournament.