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Biggest Craps Winners Of All Time

Big Craps Winners

Every gambler dreams of going on a winning streak. A winning streak that goes on for a very long time and reaches a stage where it seems impossible to lose.

There’s a reason why it’s a regular scene in many blockbuster movies. From an unbelievable blackjack run to an incredible never-ending craps role. It might also be the chiming sounds of coins pouring out of a slot machine. There’s something alluring about winning at casinos. Why? Because it simply feels great to be a winner!

Online craps is one of the games that is most suited for winning streaks. The house edge is the lowest of any casino game which means that shooters can go on very long rolls before eventually crapping out. Black and Poker also have unbelievable stories of their own, which are mentioned often. For some or other reason, the legendary ”heater” tales of craps aren’t bragged about enough.

Maybe the silence forms part of the mystery of the incredible game that’s attracting thousands of players every day. And, if you’ve read about these lucky players that received huge pay-outs, you’ll understand why.

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Archie Karas – The Money Borrower

When you think of a winning streak, you generally think of an exciting night in Sin City. A few hours are enough to impress most people, but there’s one craps legend that took it to the next level: Archie Karas’s winning streak – which went on for years!

In 1992 he borrowed $10 000 from a friend and headed over to Binion’s in Las Vegas. What might have seemed like an irresponsible decision to many, turned him into one of the greatest gamblers of all time.

He took on the biggest names in the poker industry which included Chip Reese, Stu Ungar, and Doyle Brunson and turned the $10 000 investment into a whopping $17 million within a few years of playing. It’s known as one of the greatest winning streaks of all time.

When his poker winning streak dried up, he moved over to the craps tables where he bet $100 000 on a single role. And, astonishingly, his winning streak continued. Karas won every single $5000 bill at Binion’s at one stage and gained over $40 million in profits during his peak.

Unfortunately, his winning streak came to an end in 1995, which saw Karas lose $30 million in three weeks. Ouch! And, by the end of 1995, he lost the rest of fortune which just shows that a winning streak doesn’t go on forever.

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Stanley Fujitake – 3 is the Magic Number

On 29 May 1989 Stanley Fujitake decided to pick up the dice at a craps table at the California Hotel and Casino in Vegas. At that time he didn’t realize that it would be the start of one of the biggest winnings streaks in casino history. For three hours he rolled the dice over 118 times before he finally crapped out which led to the casino losing over $1 million!

Kerry Packer – What a Flippin’ Win!

Packer might be equally famous for his huge losses and equally huge winnings – but it doesn’t make him any less of a legend. The Australian billionaire businessman has had amazing winning streaks in his casino years and gambled the highest stakes possible, always looking to up the ante.

The media tycoon’s biggest wins include a $30 million hot streak at MGM Grand in 1997, which ran over several days of playing. He also made an incredible $10 million profit at various UK casinos.

But, it’s also believed that he lost $20 million in one night while playing high stakes Roulette in London.

One night at the craps table a Texas businessman tried to impress Packer with the fact that he was $60 million strong. Packer calmly took out a coin and stated: ”I’ll flip you for it”.

Patricia Demauro – The Record-Breaker

In 2009 Patricia Demarauro took over the title from Fugitake after she broke his record. She rolled the dice on the craps table for 4 hours and 18 minutes and delivered over 154 rolls. There is a lot of mystery around this winning streak as she refuses to admit how much she won. It can be anywhere between $500 and $5 million but is believed to be more towards the heftier side. Why else would she want to keep it a secret?

William Lee Bergstrom – It’s All About The Empty Suitcase!

The legendary gambler is also known as ‘The Phantom Gambler’ and is best known for the tale of the two suitcases. In 1980, he walked into the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas with one empty suitcase and one suitcase that contained $770 000. He gambled the $770 000 on one single craps roll and doubled his money, which he, of course, put into the empty suitcase.

Over the next few months, he pulled this stunt twice more, first winning $190 000 and then $90 000. With his new-found confidence he decided to bet $1 million on a single Craps bet and unbelievably lost it all.

Unfortunately, in 1985 Bergstrom committed suicide, but according to reports it wasn’t linked to his gambling career as he still had more than enough money in his account at the time of his untimely passing. It is, however, a warning to all would-be big rollers out there: Make sure you take risks you can afford to lose.

The Movie Executive – Legend has it…

Some believe it’s a legend, others swear it’s true, you can decide for yourself. According to a source, the biggest Craps winner at Ceaser’s Palace in Las Vegas is one of Hollywood’s most successful executives. The anonymous man won $2 million rolling with working bets of $160 000. So, if a new movie is released with this scenario as the plot, you can be sure that the producer had something to do with this mythical legend.

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