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Crapsformoney is an online affiliate and comparison site for casinos that offer Craps as a game at their website. This means that none of the information presented on our site should be used by anyone under the age of 18. It should also be used exclusively for entertainment purpose. Cookies on our site are used to help our site operate properly and provide our visitors with the best browsing experience. You can read the full details of how they work and how your personal information is stored.

Non-Personal Information

At Crapsformoney we need to collect cookies so we can determine statistical and analytical information so that we can improve the user experience. This may include things like your timezone, location, or the type of browser and device you are using. None of the aforementioned things can be used to identify a person.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are basically just text files that record data when you are surfing the web. They will record things that you search for or access and are used to improve your browsing experience by remembering your preferences. will monitor these Cookies and collect information while you browse our site which includes how you long you used our site, what you accessed on our sites and how long you spent on our site and other non-personal information.

You can disable cookies but this may hamper your experience on our site. You can do it via your setting by clearing your cookies. If you choose to accept cookies on our site by accepting the disclaimer button, you will be consenting to us processing your data for the aforementioned reasons. This date will not ever be passed on to a third party.

Types of Cookies

On our site we use 3 types of cookies:

Functional Cookies, which save your preferences and settings which are then used to make changes to the information you find on our site. These are saved and are utilized when you return to make sure you get the best possible personalized experience.

Session Cookies, which allow crapsformoney to work to the best of its ability while you browse but will be deleted after you close our site. If you disable these then the site may not provide as best an experience as possible.  

Analytical Cookies, which record your behavior via the collection of non-personal data. This data is then used via software to evaluate trends, fix technical problems and enhance the experience of our users. The software we use is Google Analytics and Hotjar.

You can opt out of Google Analytics here

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How can you manage your cookie settings?

Most internet browsers allow you to alter how cookies are used.

This means you can choose your preferences and so if you would like to refuse or delete certain cookies, you can.

Selecting to block cookies on Crapsformoney may result in a lesser quality of service.

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Personal Information

If you choose to share your name, email address, telephone or anything else similar to that description will be stored and used to contact you exclusively for any services you choose to opt in to.

Direct Marketing

You can receive promotional content like newsletter if you choose to join our communities by choosing to add personal information mentioned above. However, we will nearly always exclusively contact you via your email address.

Cookie & Privacy Policy Updates

Our privacy policies are sometimes updated and if this does happen, the updates will be added to this page so you can feel free to check back at any time to see if this has occurred.

Our policy was last updated in October 2018