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Dice Control

Manipulating the roll of the dice (Dice Control or Dice Setting) is one of the most common methods for cheating in Craps.  Holding the dice in a particular grip or throwing it in a certain manner lets players can gain a crucial edge over the house and other players at the table.

In terms of legality, Dice control in Craps is like card counting in Blackjack.  It is not illegal but the casino goes through an assortment of methods to stop it.

For instance, the dice will be changed after each round, and you cannot touch the dice with two hands (to prevent dice switching).  Furthermore, each roll must hit the back of the table to ensure randomness.

None the less, some people argue dice control is a matter of skill and is part of the game.  For instance, in cricket the bowler has developed a refined method for throwing balls, the same is true for darts, so why not Craps?

There are a number of methods or systems for dice control that can affect the outcome of the game.  Remember that when someone who has mastered the art of Dice Control it doesn’t mean that they can throw any number they choose first time.

However, in the long term they will be able to produce certain outcomes and swing the odds in their favour.  For example, an ability to throw Snake Eyes (1,1) pays out 30:1.  If you can roll enough times to remove the house edge (true odds of Snake Eyes is 35:1) then you will make profit over hundreds of rolls.

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Grip and Handling The Dice

Dice Grip is how you hold the dice in your hands.  It involves wrapping certain fingers around the dice and letting go at specific times to create a consistent “release” of the dice.

Dice Stacking is which direction the dice is facing in your hands i.e. 6 facing upwards or 2 point downwards.  You adjust the dice’s position based on which numbers you want to roll.

When you throw the dice, you want to release them simultaneously so that they roll in synchronization.  Experts  recommend minimizing contact with the dice because the “stickiness” and “friction” of your fingers alters the flow.  When you minimize this, the dice will roll more naturally.

You also need to put equal pressure on each dice and hold them together before they roll.

Alignment of The Dice

You need to position the dice level with the table and parallel to the sides.   It takes practice, but to ensure you’re doing it right you can lower the dice to the table to check they’re position.  The best landing is when the dice’s bottom touches the table flat-on.  This avoids the dice’s corner hitting the table on impact.

Delivering and Throwing The Dice

How you should throw the dice is simple in theory.  You’re looking to throw the dice straight down the centre of the table and with the same “spin” along the x-axis.

You have to throw the dice as straight as possible.  Players find getting this part right the most difficult because their shoulders and body position have to be aligned correctly.

It is very similar to golf, if you’re position is off the ball will not travel in a straight line.

Aim to stop your thumb touching the ball.  This is the most common reason for balls “splitting” into different directions.  The less your thumb touches the ball the more control you have.

Finally, the most advanced Dice Throwers can use “Back Spin”.  This counters the bounce of the dice against the wall at the end of the table (the velvet triangles).  The dice are thrown with back spin along the same x-axis.

Conclusion on Manipulating Dice in Craps

Years ago, even the most basic players could manipulate the dice to improve their chances of making money in Craps.  However, recent rules by casinos for Craps that the shooter must throw the dice to hit the back of the table has reduced the effectiveness of dice manipulation.

Along with this, the evidence for dice setting working is very sketchy.  Although dice setting works in theory, it actually takes long term results to see the benefits.  The downsides the dice manipulation includes re-rolls and being thrown out of a casino.

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