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Craps Has Come a Long Way From the Days of Live Games Only

Craps is a classic game that is known for being the most popular dice game played in casinos both in the online and live world. It has come a very long way with a lot of progress as knowledge of the rules and more reputable gaming establishments have eventually brought it into the fold with Internet gambling sites. We’re going to look at the progression of this game and some of the twists and turns it has taken along the way.

Back in the day, craps was one of the more complicated games that the people who ran gambling houses would use to bring in players who wanted something more interesting than the basic card games. Unfortunately for those players, the lack of standardized rules meant that the people running the games were able to offer much worse odds than what you can easily find today, online and otherwise, so there were very few winners. You can contrast that with today’s games where there are a ton of big winners at the game.

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As casinos became more popular in certain cities, games across the board became more standardized, and players became more educated about the odds and payouts needed to make a game more favorable. Along these lines, more people than ever felt comfortable about approaching craps tables because of the social atmosphere that was added on and that has become an integral part of the modern version of the game.

As the Internet started becoming more popular in the mid-1990s, players started to gain more access to online casino sites. While different software companies all had different types of slots, they all offered the standard selection of classic titles, so everyone was exposed to more levels of craps than they ever were before. Even though the software at these sites weren’t really all that great in terms of graphics and sound at the time, it still allowed players to play craps from the comfort of their own home. This meant that you didn’t have to visit a casino or even live close to one to be able to get in on the action.

Press forward to the year 2000, and mobile phones that were able to access the Internet in limited ways started to rise. The more and more access these devices had to online activities, the more ways they were able to connect to casino software platforms. Most of these platforms were based on Java, and while they were a bit clunky at first, they got the job done.

Fast-forward to present day where you can play craps and other casino games from your mobile phone or tablet just about any time you want as long as you have a connection via wifi or your mobile network. Rules, odds and payout tables are available all over the Internet, and there is more known about the game than there ever has been before. More people play craps than ever before as well, and it’s going to be interesting to see if any software companies take advantage of this by coming up with new dice game variations for players to try.

Where the industry will go next is anyone’s guess. It’s hard to predict where you’ll be able to play craps in the future. Maybe there will be 3D hologram-based games that you play on your coffee table with friends that are automatically connected to your accounts, or maybe there will be multi-player games available as the default option that emulate the social factor that has become such an important part of live games?

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