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Casinos Accepting Western Union Deposits

c1b32ecf-499c-4550-a1ec-f17a7a17df82Western Union is a very popular money wire service that is easy for all to handle.

This is a great service that will make it very easy for people to get money out to casinos so they can play games and take advantage of various casino bonus offers.

This can allow you to get money to go from a bank account to an online service like an online casino. It is quick and easy to handle while using a safe interface. It is a popular choice for managing money that has been around for generations and continues to work today in its online form.

Where Can You Use It?

BovadaMany online casinos will accept Western Union. However, Bovada has been the most popular choice among these. Mainly due to the flawless withdrawal processing for US players.

People can quickly get their money out to Bovada through a wire transfer from Western Union in order to take advantage of the bonuses that the site holds. These include a $3,000 welcome bonus.

By using the promo code Slots500 or Games250, a person can get a 100% match bonus of up to either $500 for slots or $250 for other casino games. These two promo codes can be used as many as four times each, thus giving people the potential to get $3,000 in free money to use here.

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How To Use It

The process to use for handling a deposit with Western Union will entail the following steps:

1.The person should first call an official assistance team with a casino of interest to get all transfer details organized. For instance, a person who uses will have to call 1-866-950-3500.

2.The customer should then head out to a proper Western Union outlet and pay for the transfer. This can include entering in one’s bank account information and then adding the information for the online casino that the money will be wired to.

3.The casino should then be called back as a means of getting a confirmation number. The funds should be posted to the user’s account in a particular period of time.

4.This should work with a minimum of $100 in most places and may entail a fee of about $12 to $20 depending on how much money is being sent.

Why Use This Method Versus Others?

This method is a great choice to use as ensures that money can be securely moved to one’s online account. Western Union is known for having one of the most secure money transfer systems around.

In addition, Western Union works with a setup that is easy to handle and can be found in many places. There are thousands of outlets for people to send money from right now.

There is also the convenience that comes from having money out in one’s account without having to place it on a credit card. The fact that the money is moving directly from a bank account into an online casino account makes it so it will not be all that hard for a transaction to be facilitated as demanded. This can really be an easy and useful option to hold when it comes to getting money out as needed.