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Electronic Sic BoSic Bo (meaning “dice pair”) is an exciting game that has become quite popular in casinos around the world. The game has its origin in Ancient China and is played in casinos in rooms that are dedicated to Asian games. The game employs three dice and a table. The players have an array of betting options, based on the use of the dice.

While the crucial odds for each bet are equal, the majority of today’s casinos have their own house rules that influence the manner in which the bets are won. The actual arrangement of the table may also vary based on the specific gambling room. Here, you will learn how to play Sic Bo.

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Objective of the Game

The players throw their bets on the designated table, in order to predict the probable outcomes of the dice, the totals and the various combinations. Every player can throw numerous bets at the same time, which are won based on the odds shown on the table.


The game requires each player to throw their bets on the designated Sic Bo table and then predict the likely roll outcome. Games like crap employ two dice, making it extremely difficult to predict the outcome of the dice roll. The Sic Bo dice game takes this idea quite further and the application of three dice adds to the excitement. However, the payouts are worthwhile, reaching up to 150:1.

The betting options for this game are determined by the roll outcome of the three dice. An individual’s payouts and wagers are placed on the table and each player may bet on numerous combinations of possible outcomes. All the players are required to place their individual bets on the game table and once the dealer confirms the end of the betting session, the players are required to take their hands out of the table.

The dice are not placed by any individual player like in some other dice games, but through a unique system managed by the dealer. This system involves a vibrating platform that is located below a round-shaped glass and is normally referred to as the dice shaker.

When the dice are shaken, the outcomes are displayed on the betting table. The dealer then announces the winning bets. All the wins are paid out while the losing combinations are collected. Here are the betting options in this game:

Three of a Kind: here, a player places a bet on a given number, which is supposed to appear on the three dice faces. While this option offers the highest payout, it has the lower chance.

Two of a Kind: here, a place places a bet on a given number, which must appear on just two out of the three dice. There are twelve possible ways to form this combination.

Any three of a kind: here, a player is required to place a bet on any of the number, which is supposed to appear on all the three faces. This is different from the typical “three of a kind” option where a player places a bet on a particular number.

Small: here, a player places a bet on the total of the dice that would equal to 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 or 4. This bet has even money but does not involve the three bets i.e. “three of a kind”.

Big: here, a player places a bet on the total of the dice that would equal to 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, or 11. This bet has even money but does not involve the three bets i.e. “three of a kind”.

Sum: the sum is the most common kind of betting in the Sic Bo game. Here, a player places a bet on the total of the dice being a particular number from number 4 to 17. The payouts will differ based on the number.

Due: here, the payer must bet on two numbers that will be displayed on at least two dice. The win is any two-number sets that are not similar.


A game with its origin in Ancient China, Sic Bo stands for a “dice pair” despite the fact that the game involves three dice instead of two. The gaming screen mostly shows the betting zone since Sic Bo is a game packed with betting options.

Each player’s gaming record is shown on the right of the screen because players are likely to lose track of their bets or numbers. The base of the screen shows the various gaming options including Menu, Roll, Repeat, Clear and Help. Each player is allowed to change the game’s settings for a customized gaming experience.