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Craps Rules

Before you start to learn about the rules of craps and how you play the game you should first know a few basic things about it and what to expect at when you walk up to a craps table.

This page will teach you everything you need to know to approach any casino craps table in the world, and the online world, with confidence. This will ensure that you don’t make any etiquette blunders your first time out at the tables.

When you will sit for the first time at a craps table you may feel overwhelmed by its size, by all those bets and the miniature bets in the middle of the table that you can’t even see but have to know the name of ahead of time to bet and by the noisy atmosphere, as well craps players aren’t known to be the most patient gamblers in the world. Already sounds so complicated, but in fact it’s not.

Casino craps is played on a big felt layout set inside a large table with high rails around the side so you can bounce the dice off ’em and still keep ’em on the table. Up to between 12 and 16 people can play at once, depending on the size of the table.

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The first thing you’ll notice is that you only need a little more than half the table to play. One end of the table is simply a mirror image of the other, except for right in the middle of course, which is shared for both ends. The reason for this split is simply so that the casinos can have players gathered around each end of the craps table, enabling more people to play.

The first and most important thing to understand when playing craps are the basic bets and about that you will learn easily if you read our craps rules and strategy section. This pages should be considered the jumping off point for anyone who wants to learn how to play craps at the table.

A sure thing is that before you walk to a craps table and hit the dice you should learn about the game and you must know that a crowded table is not the place where you can learn how to play craps. Usually most casinos offer free training courses during the day.

So, instead of doing a reckless thing like trying to learn at a crowded table you should take advantage of those courses or of this kind of sites where you can learn about the game and also practice with free online craps games.

Playing Craps at the Casino

Each craps table has 4 employees. Two dealers, they stand in the inside of the table and they are the persons responsible with players bets and the payoffs on their half of the table.

The boxman stands between the two dealers and his job is to oversee all of the action, to settle any problems that may appear, to inspect the dice and to keep an eye on the rest of the crew.

The fourth employer at the craps table is the stickman. His job is to control the speed of the game, maintain dice security, call out the rolls, and to deal with center bets. Also, he is the one who controls the dice with a stick curved at one end.

Finding a table as low as £5 isn’t difficult in most casinos these days, nor around the rest of the world, so if you play the right bets you can get used to the game without giving up too much of your bankroll. Just before we get to the real action at the table, let’s take a quick look at the dice of the game, a basic primer that is pretty much necessary knowledge.

There are a few things that all the craps players should know:

The only good and decent bets in craps are the pass line bet, don’t pass, come, don’t come, placing the 6 and 8, and taking free odds, so you should make them with no fear.

Because most of the craps players are superstitious they don’t like having at the table fellow players who are betting against the dice (don’t pass and don’t come bets) so you should try to avoid them if you don’t want to get nasty looks and comments from them.

Pay attention to any bets you leave standing. When you are paid for these bets, it’s your own responsibility to take your winnings off of the table layout, or they may be considered bets for the next roll. Nice dealers will remind you, especially if you’re somebody who likes to:

Tip the dealers! It’s not just karma, they may be more likely to remind you of things and help you make the smart bets.

If you are a novice in craps you should better first practice the game with free craps lessons online. Also, most casinos offer an introductory course in the game for no cost.

The house edge on the pass line and don’t pass bets is low, and gets lower the more odds you put on them.

The proposition bets from the center of the table have a high house edge. The dealers will ask around the table to see if any player wants to lay a hardway down, that being their job, but you should not play proposition bets with any consistency.

Don’t take betting advice at face value. Although I try my best to inform my visitors as best I can, I shouldn’t be an exception to this rule either. Many advice givers in the casino itself either have a hidden agenda, or they simply don’t know what they’re talking about.

Never play with any systems. If you missed the craps system page you should go back and read it. You will understand why.

Use as much as you can from your bankroll in bets with odds. If you’ve got money down on the table, a good portion of it should be on free odds bets, as these are the only ones which are fair and impartial.

Pay attention to your bankroll, and try to play with your winnings as much as possible. Craps is a negative expectation game so walking away up, however little, is definitely a win.