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Casinos Accepting AMEX as a Deposit Method

12958The American Express card has been one of the most popular choices to try out when it comes to taking care of payments at online casinos like Bovada, Miami Club and others. American Express is a credit card that has been seen as a status symbol to many but it is especially designed to cover the needs that cardholders have.

AMEX is being accepted in more casinos these days. It is thanks to how it is more advantageous than what you might expect to find elsewhere. You can use this card to get an instant deposit ready as required to give you more coverage.

 Where Can You Use It?

BovadaThis can be used in many online casinos with Bovada being the most popular choice to stick with. Bovada Casino has become especially popular in recent time thanks to the use of its $3,000 casino bonus.

This bonus can be accessed by entering in Slots500 or Games250 as a promo code during the deposit process to get a 100% bonus of up to $500 for slots and $250 for other casinos. These two codes can be used as many as four times each to create a maximum deposit bonus of $3,000.

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The process for using AMEX works with a few steps:

1. A credit card verification form will have to be downloaded from a casino’s website. This must be filed out properly and then faxed or emailed out to the proper destination. The requirements will vary based on the casino that takes in the card. This is to ensure that the process will be as secure as possible.

2. After this, the user can enter in the amount of money that is to be deposited followed by the exact bits of information on the credit card that is to be used. This includes details on its card, its verification number and other key details.

3. A proper password will have to be entered in as well. The AMEX card should be registered under one’s name with a special code that can be entered in to confirm one’s identity.

This process is simple to handle and can be used after the card is verified. The amount of time it will take for the verification to be complete will vary based on where the data is being sent. However, the deposit should be instant after the card is verified and ready to be used on the casino for deposit purposes.

Why Use This Method Versus Others?

The AMEX method is useful in that people can quickly get special rewards for using their cards. AMEX rewards include points that may be redeemed for all sorts of hotel and air travel rewards. These rewards can easily add up over time during many transactions including ones that are deemed as international transactions like what goes on at online casinos.

In addition, the AMEX method is a sensible choice that is known to offer more security than what is featured through Visa and MasterCard. American Express provides its members with more coverage in the event of losses or fraud-related issues while also providing protection for all of the online transactions that are facilitated with a card.