Complete guide to playing online craps for real money

Choosing a Casino to Play Online Craps

There are a hundred and one casinos out there, so how do you choose which one to use?  Most of the major online casinos have been active since 2000 or even earlier, but advancements in technology and popularity of online games has increased the promotions that You can potentially take advantage of.

All casinos will have flashy, attractive designs and seemingly great welcome bonuses, so what’s the catch? Why is Casino X so much better than Casino Y? That’s exactly what You are about to find out throughout this article.

Featured Craps Casino:

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There are approximately 10 casino game vendors that support majority of online casino sites, so games won’t be a major factor when trying to find a great casino.

Most of them will offer You cutting edge graphics and user friendly interface. So let’s take software and games out of the reach here.

Bonuses are also highly overrated these days. Imagine that You have a choice between choosing a legitimate casino with a $500 bonus and another unknown casino with a bonus of $5,000.

Industry experts suggest that this unknown casino might close any day and rate Your chances of getting paid as 50/50 – would You still go for the $5k in potentially imaginary money? I doubt that, but yet so many people still do exactly that.

Looking for a great casino? Keep on reading, as throughout this article, we do our best at presenting some of the best online casinos in the USA that tailor their services, bonuses and game offerings to players from the United States.

Safe & Reputable Casinos For Craps Players:

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What Differentiates Extraordinary Casinos From “Crappy” Ones?

There is a handful of aspects that You should think about when looking for Your perfect casino to play craps at:

Are They Reputable – what’s the track record of this casino. Are there any complaints about them on the Internet? Just use Google to find any potential red flags about a particular casino.

Banking – a VERY important aspect and often overlooked by players. All casinos will gladly take Your deposits right away, but when it comes to paying Your winnings, many of them will try to angle shoot You.

Having that said, extraordinary casinos like Bovada or Miami Club will pay Your winnings quickly, without any hassle.

Don’t forget about deposit and withdrawal methods either, especially if You are located in the United States. Casinos accepting Credit Cards, American Express and Western Union, for transactions both way, could make Your playing experience so much more pleasant.

Customer Support – if You ever need any assistance in an event that Your account has been used without Your authorization, for example, who can You turn to? Having a live chat agent available 24 hours a day will certainly be of usage. Even though most casinos offer this, many of them have outsourced this task to people who simply have no clue.

On the other hand, casino brands like Ricardo’s Casino and SlotsLV have outstanding customer service, so I would highly recommend both of these.

Anything Else?

An additional thing that You can keep in mind is variety of offerings. Today You want to play craps for money, but maybe You’ll want to bet on sports or play slots tomorrow. Join another casino? You sure could, but it’s time consuming and You might need to send in Your documents for account verification.

There’s a simpler solution to this “problem” – join a gambling site that offers everything! That’s right, there are multiple brands offering sports betting, casino games, bingo and poker, all of whom are integrated into a simple platform. Piece of cake, right? You can view reputable sites that offer “everything” below.

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