Play Craps Online With Bonuses

Play Craps for BitCoin – Where?

Bitcoin_euroBitCoin is a form of cryptocurrency that has gained popularity nowadays in online gambling scene. There are already thousands of players, who play casino games for BitCoins and casinos have also started to grow like mushrooms after a rainy day.

There are several casinos that accept BTC, hence you should carry out your own research and know the right casino that you will enroll for you to be playing. We have discussed some of the reasons why many people prefer to gamble with BitCoin instead of using regular money.

To have a nice playing experience it’s vital that You join a safe and trusted BitCoin Casino. We have listed three casinos below, all of whom offer Craps games for BTC and a fair bit more!

#1. MBit Casino

mBit Casino LogoThis is a casino where you can play BitCoin Craps. It is an international casino where gamblers from different parts of the world can easily play. The casino has been fully licensed and certified to gambling games for BTC. New players receive a bonus of 1BTC free, on their first deposit.

After signing up, new players can contact the support and access their free bitcoin for them to play. This is a great opportunity because with the free bitcoin you can play more games apart from your deposit.

The design of the website is very simple where players will easily understand it. Even if you have never played in the online casino, you will easily get started after you sign up.

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#2. CloudBet

CloudBet Casino LogoAt Cloudbet users are allowed to make a minimum of 0.001 bitcoins for them to start playing. The casino allows players from different parts of the world to play.

The maximum bet is 100 bitcoins. They do have one of the most generous signup bonus offers in the market, though. They’ll match Your first deposits with a 100% deal, up to 5BTC in value!

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#3.  BetOnline Casino

BetOnlineThe casino offers up to 50% bonus on the deposits made. In case you will like to access more bonuses from where you will play more. They accept BitCoin for deposits and withdrawals and offer a great playing platform, with poker, casino and sports betting merged and accessible from a single cashier.

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It’s decentralized

There is no single body which control bitcoins. The coins are generated by different machines from where you can use them to play. This means there is no day when you will play and win a lot of bitcoins only to end up being told that they have been devalued by a central body. It is a currency that is accepted worldwide. It is also very easy to set up, in case you are bored of lengthy processes at banks, and then you will find BitCoin Craps very easy to start due to the availability of bitcoins.

It’s anonymous

With bitcoins you will not be required to provide your real names when owning them. You can decide to open several bitcoin accounts which you can use to play BitCoin Craps.

There are no such detail such as your address or identification details will be required. This makes them very popular in people who will like to gamble without exposing their identity. In case you feel like your identity will lead you to being charged unfairly, then you will find BitCoin Craps very suitable for you to play.

Transaction fees are miniscule

Unlike other currencies where you will be charged transaction fees, after you decide to play using BitCoin Craps you will not have to pay any transaction fees. Even if you will win a lot of money, you will receive all the value to your bitcoin account. The network used in bitcoins are very fast, after you send or receive payment, you will receive it within a matter of minutes after the bitcoin systems process the transaction.

After you win in the online gambling games where you may have opted to make use of bitcoins, the value you will win will be yours and no one will reverse it. You will only reverse it after you decide to do so. This makes the bit coins among the best methods that you can use and win without any worry of the transaction being reversed.

Craps vs BitCoin Dice

People tend to confuse craps and Bitcoin Dice, actually there is a big difference. In Bitcoin craps players play in a casual craps table environment. The Dice game is completely different and in essence, very basic. Your goal is to predict whether the next number rolled will be bigger or lower then the previous one.

Playing BitCoin Craps has many advantages over playing it for real money. Some of the benefits include instant withdrawal, anonymity among other benefits.